Anti Aging in Houston, Texas

Over the course of our lives, due to the process of aging, we accrue damage to our cells, tissues, and organs. Currently, the average lifespan of an American man is approximately 76 years of age, and approximately 78 years of age for an American woman. Remarkably, the maximum life span for humans is over 120 years. Differences in lifestyle, behavior, genes, and gender account for the diverse aging rates, but the reason for differences might also include the variations of DNA repair efficiencies, quantities and types of antioxidant enzymes, and varying rates of free radical production. This is where American Longevity Center’s Anti Aging in Houston, Texas program is involved.

The average lifespan of a particular country or populace can be lowered by infant and child mortality rates that are generally associated with nutritional deficiencies and infectious diseases. Aging also brings along its own set of problems, such as the increase of accidents and chronic diseases. Cancer and cardiovascular disease, for example, contribute heavily to lower mortality rates. In order to accomplish a longer lifespan, it is important to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and avoid unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking.

Here at American Longevity Center, building a world where the majority of our patients achieve their maximum lifespan is our primary goal. Preventing and reducing complications relating to aging in a smart and effective way is what we strive for. We are focused on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for our patients, and to provide them with their own personalized plan to help reduce the symptoms of aging. We help with the continuation of optimal health and provide comprehensive solutions to specific anti-aging problems in Houston, Texas.

In addition to hormonal screening and blood tests, we evaluate vitamin, mineral, and trace element levels, which provides a detailed and collective synopsis that then determines the specific program used to help our patients reduce aging in Houston. Using this framework, we reform the patients’ overall health through programs that slow down aging on both the physical and cellular level. Here at the American Longevity Center, we have an assortment of serum blood tests and advanced radiological imagery, allowing us to to diagnose or possibly even prevent cancer, heart disease, and diabetes